Restore Job

Restore Job. Technical details

Command like «restore all» immediately sent to the service Director.

To select individual files for restoration uses the following scheme.
Webacula create temporary tables (named ‘webacula_xxxx’) and copied data for a particular JobId.
Time to create temporary tables depends on:

  • settings for your RDBMS to optimize the INSERT operation
  • number of unique file names (a great extent) in Job
  • number of unique path names (a lesser degree) in Job

Note. This process may take a long time.
It may be increased values in /etc/php.ini : memory_limit and max_execution_time.
And proportionally increase «ttl_restore_session» in application/config.ini

Then, the files and directories are marked for restore.
Then, a list of files and a command to restore sent to the service Director.
Drop temporary tables.

IMPORTANT. Need to file containing a list of files to restore, has been available for reading for Director service.

Restore Job. Performance tests

MySQL settings by default.



Use settings from /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-*/my-large.cnf and up average rate of creation temporary tables.