Webacula workflow

Feature releases are numbered (and tagged) as ‘X.Y’ and are meant to contain bugfixes and enhancements, including functionality, performance and usability, without unit tests. Major version number of Webacula will match the major version number of Bacula.

Maintenance releases is supported only for the current release.Maintenance releases does not support backports. Maintenance releases are numbered (and tagged) as ‘X.Y.Z’

All bugfixes since of the last feature release fall into the ‘master’ branch (possibly through a merge with topic branch), accumulate and testing there and release as the form of the next release candidate, which is tagged as ‘X.Y.rcZ’ Where ‘X.Y’ — is number of appropriate feature release, ‘Z’ — increase number of release candidate.

Files which contain the release candidates can be downloaded from the directory ‘webacula/current’ in Sourceforge. Or get with the command:

From Sourceforge or Github:

‘master’ branch is used to prepare for the release candidates and for next feature release.

Code, which is in the ‘master’ branch has been tested and is stable enough for use.

Assistance will be accepted as described in the file 4CONTRIBUTORS. Commits retain authorship with the command:

In the ‘master’ branch there is an object with the tag ‘maintainer-gpg-public-key’ to verify the signature tags.

‘web’ — it is a separate branch for developing the website.